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1. A large percentage of population live in big cities.

2. According to the system requirement, a big power driver is choosen as executer.

3. This year has just moved into new, I feel pretty good, it is conducive to learning, all very convenient, but the days gradually to enter the winter, unfortunately, it does not heat the building in winter, to heat, then, it is necessary to 800, 000 cross-network charges, the number of really good big ah!

4. Throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, citizens of the United States maintained a bias against big cities.

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5. It's got a big screen.

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6. However, they are still at a big price premium, especially as you go to larger sizes.

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7. The big Jun Wang Fu sport center is just opposite the street.

8. I believe I owe that boy a great big sloppy kiss when I see him.

9. I gave her a big hug and sloppy kiss – the kind that all daddies give -- and proceeded to unwrap the little package she had bestowed on me.

10. If we held the grass still, the big dragonfly saw the obvious trap and it wouldn`t dash to it regardless of its safety.

11. A big hand to both SIAL and Escoffier for their great job!
让我们共同为SIAL 和埃斯科菲耶的出色工作热烈鼓掌!

12. The equipment management system is a typical information management system, The equipment management involves the content to be widespread, Information complex, the data quantity is big.

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13. Just how big a turning point in this dispute has this weekend violence been?

14. It is a big drill ground while going to school front door, installed 6 basketball baskets on the drill ground with 4 ping-pong sets.

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15. At first, it appeared to me that the entire country was one big construction site.

16. A few experts had discussed this one issue, more unanimous opinion is, wear high-heeled shoes, wear the high-heeled shoes with very high heel especially, fraud big profit at, it is adverse to the person's health and safety especially.

17. There were foundations, wide ducks; wide gooses; and a lot of big fishes in the lake, came in being the sight of ducks; gooses swam on surrface, crawd of fishes swam under the water.

18. I don't want to have the listening class, so I put the big earphone while the volume is zero; I have no desire to have the oral English class, so I must be the one who doesn't preview the task; I can't pay attention to the grammar class, so the most terrible thing for me is that my cellphone battary runs down in the class; I hate the PE class, so I calculate on the teacher to continue his nonsense; I'm afraid of realising my fault, so I keep going to the library to comfort myself.

19. To the last, you will find that only the RepulseBay is a big shark improving root.

20. This feature can be a big fuss in order to increase the visibility of this floor, and can appreciate nature, to attract the majority of travel enthusiasts, and construction experts to tour, and inspections.

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