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1. 卡;卡片
A card is a piece of stiff paper or thin cardboard on which something is written or printed.


e.g. Check the numbers below against the numbers on your card.

2. (身份)证;身份证明
A card is a piece of cardboard or plastic, or a small document, which shows information about you and which you carry with you, for example to prove your identity.

e.g. They check my bag and press card.
e.g. ...her membership card...

3. 银行卡;借记卡;工资卡;购物卡
A card is a rectangular piece of plastic, issued by a bank, company, or shop, which you can use to buy things or obtain money.


e.g. He paid the whole bill with an American Express card...
e.g. Holidaymakers should beware of using plastic cards in foreign cash dispensers.

4. 祝福卡;贺卡
A card is a folded piece of stiff paper with a picture and sometimes a message printed on it, which you send to someone on a special occasion.


e.g. She sends me a card on my birthday.
e.g. ...millions of get-well cards.

5. 同 postcard
A card is the same as a postcard .

e.g. Send your details on a card to the following address.

6. 名片
A card is a piece of thin cardboard carried by someone such as a business person in order to give to other people. A card shows the name, address, telephone number, and other details of the person who carries it.


e.g. Here's my card. You may need me.

7. 扑克牌;纸牌
Cards are thin pieces of cardboard with numbers or pictures printed on them which are used to play various games.

e.g. ...a pack of cards...
e.g. Kurt picked up his hand and fanned out the cards one by one.

8. 牌戏;纸牌游戏
If you are playing cards, you are playing a game using cards.

e.g. They enjoy themselves drinking wine, smoking and playing cards.

9. 优势;王牌;绝招
You can use card to refer to something that gives you an advantage in a particular situation. If you play a particular card, you use that advantage.

e.g. It was his strongest card in their relationship — that she wanted him more than he wanted her...
e.g. This permitted Western manufacturers to play their strong cards: capital and technology.

10. 硬纸片;薄纸板
Card is strong, stiff paper or thin cardboard.


e.g. She put the pieces of card in her pocket.

11. 存储卡;插件
In computing, a card is a circuit board that can be put into a computer to provide additional memory or functions.

12. (体育比赛的)赛事安排,比赛日程
You can use card to refer to a series of races or matches at a particular sporting event.

e.g. Paradise Boy and the Galloping General have clear chances in the opening two events on the card...
e.g. He will now fight Kevin Ford on the five-bout card.

13. 要求…出示证明文件(表明达到买酒或饮酒的年龄等)
If you are carded, someone in authority asks you to show a document to prove that you are old enough to do something, for example, to buy or drink alcohol.

e.g. For the first time in many years, I got carded.

14. see also: bank card;business card;calling card;cash card;cheque card;Christmas card;credit card;gold card;identity card;index card;payment card;place card;playing card;report card;smart card;wild card

15. 很可能发生的
If you say that something is on the cards in British English, or in the cards in American English, you mean that it is very likely to happen.

e.g. Last summer she began telling friends that a New Year marriage was on the cards.

16. 处理得当;巧妙发挥优势
If you say that someone will achieve success if they play their cards right, you mean that they will achieve success if they act skilfully and use the advantages that they have.

e.g. He could even be the next manager of the England team if he plays his cards right.

17. 摊牌;直抒己见;和盘托出(感觉、想法、计划)
If you put or lay your cards on the table, you deal with a situation by speaking openly about your feelings, ideas, or plans.

e.g. Put your cards on the table and be very clear about your complaints.

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