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1. LTC1485CS8 Pinout: USB C Revision 1.1 compliant C USB slave device controller C Supports a 6th USB endpoint C Full speed operation at 12 Mb/s C Supports control, interrupt, bulk and isochronous endpoints C Supports USB remote wakeup C Integrated USB transceiver TDM C Serial Time Division Multiplexed voice and data inter- face C Provides interface to telephone CODECs and DSPs C Interface to high quality audio A/Ds and D/As with external glue logic C Support 1 to 1288-bit time slots C Compatible with Lucent CHI, GCI, Mitel ST-bus, K2 and SLD busses C Supports data rates of up to 8.192 Mb/s C Supports internal or external frame generation C Supports multiple non-contiguous active input and output time slots EJTAG C Run-time Mode provides a standard JTAG interface C Real-Time Mode provides additional pins for real-time trace information Ethernet C Full duplex support for 10 and 100 Mb/s Ethernet C IEEE 802.3u compatible Media Independent Interface with serial management interface C IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation for automatic speed selection C Flexible address filtering modes C 64-entry hash table based multicast address filtering
LTC1485CS8引脚说明:版本1.1兼容的USB USB接口设备控制器C支持一个第六的USB端点全速运行在12 Mb/s的C支持控制,中断,批量和同步端点支持USB远程唤醒C组合的USB收发器C串行的TDM时分多路复用语音和数据间面对面C提供接口,电话编解码器和DSP的C接口,以高品质的音频A/Ds因子和D /与外部胶合逻辑C支持1到128的8位与朗讯气gcI的,敏迪ST段总线,K2和民主左翼联盟时段C兼容总线C支持的数据传输速率高达8.192 Mb/s的C支持内部或外部帧代C支持多个非连续的积极投入和产出时段EJTAG C运行时模式提供了一个标准的JTAG接口C实时模式提供实时跟踪信息以太网内满10个和100个全双工支持额外的引脚Mb/s以太网兼容IEEE 802.3u标准媒体独立接口与串行管理界面C电机及电子学工程师联合会802.3u标准自动协商自动速度选择灵活的过滤方式 64项哈希表的多播地址过滤地址

2. Nicholas IV, himself a Franciscan, sent missionaries of the order to Servia in 1288, and another mission followed (1354) under Friar Bartholomew, Bishop of Trau.
尼古拉斯四,自己是一个济,派出传教士的,以servia在1288年,和另一个使命之后( 1354 )根据弗莱尔巴尔多禄茂,主教

3. Receives from the dealer news, recently the Matushita digital camera carried on promotion, now the Matushita fs3 price continues to maintain at 1288 about prices, bestows 4g the sd card and the original installation camera package, Matushita fs3 is immediately in the present fs series a least significant end type, has receives the high praise mega the o. i. s optics against to shake the function, under the near future wants to buy thousand Yuan rank digital camera's friend to be possible to pay attention.
10月23日太平洋电脑网广州讯】收到来自经销商消息,近日松下数码相机进行促销活动,现在松下fs3的价格继续维持在1288左右的价位,随即赠送4g sd卡和原装相机包,松下fs3是现时fs系列中最低端的一款机型,具有备受好评的mega o.i.s光学防抖功能,近期想购入千元级别数码相机的朋友可以留意下。

4. The funds used in research and experimental development has increased from 128.8 billion in 2002 to 3664 billion in 2007, in the meantime, its rate in GDP has risen from 1.07% to 1.49%.
全社会研究与实验发展经费,从2002年1288亿元增加到2007年的3664亿元,占国内生产总值比重从1.07%提高到 1.49%。

5. Pyroxene megacrysts formed under the temperatureof 1200.85-1288.85℃ and the pressure between 0.93 and 1.67GPa, amphibole megacrysts crystallizedunder the pressure of 0.83-0, 89GPa, temperature about 1000℃, and anorthoclase maybe at thetemperature of 900℃ around.

6. In the 25 year of the Yuan dynasty (1288 AD), by changing Zongzhi institute Xuanzheng Institute, the Yuan government further strengthened the management of the national Buddhism.

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7. The poll of 1, 288 people was conducted July 7-11 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

8. Methods To study retrospectively the clinical materials of1288 patients who have been diagnosed to have an ICH.

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9. The company has solid assets of several hundred million dollars, employees 1288 people.

10. Recently the name is platform of 1288 enterprises video roll out the field of vision that enters him.

11. Therefore, we examined 1288 diabetes patients in Hsin-Chu area and discovered that the HbA1c values in more than 95% patients were higher than the reference range.

12. Let us look at the following figures: 1318 Canton have registered real estate company in 2001, 1288 losses, only 30 profit, for-profit industry-wide surface only 2.2%.
让我们来看看下面的数字:1318年广州已注册的房地产公司于2001年,1288年亏损,只有30利润,盈利全行业的表面只有2.2 %。

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13. Be worth what carry is, in popularizing platform, the video of 1288 took the lead in supporting the function that mobile phone WAP browses.

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14. In hotels, when you use a room number above one thousand, e. g. 1288, you can say it two different ways, either by using the individual numbers one at a time, e. g.: one, two, eight, eight

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