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1. Tongguo什么意思

1. When the sulfur dioxide released after soaking in the shift, namely pentanol dipping four times, each time with 100, Mixed its leachate. LIQUID were in Washington, put it aside for at least 1 hour to sub-aqueous solution of the resorcinol - pentanol solutionsteam heated to 100 ° C and then links steam to remove solvent drying enamel shift in the vinegar solution, steamed water. Tongguo heating up in the first to water and phenol distillation, vacuum distillation time temperature to 190 ℃.16.9kPa pressure will be changed, these days 20 to 23 plowed resorcinol.

2. The courage and insight that hears of Ou Tongguo all the time, foresight and with great quantity, to the cooperative means with B2B Liu Zelong, Morgan from its the strategy of the network develops, and on the integrated trade pattern of network store, again test and verify this.

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