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1. GIRL: You are such a idoit.

2. This is why the idoit are always in favor of inequality of income, and the really great in favor of equality.

3. You are such a idoit.

4. This question is quite idoit.

5. 911查询·英语单词

5. God: You such a idoit!

6. She gud makes mariah look like an idoit, i love you maraih, but shes hitting em notes so effortlessly

7. Middle autum festival is coming, do not forget to tell children the story of long time before: that time the sky was blue, water was green, plant was growing in earth, pork can be eaten without worrying, rat was afraid of cat, court was reasonable, love came before marriage, hair shop only cut hair, drug cured diseases, doctor saved lifes, actors need not sleep with directors, pictures need to be taken with clothes on, money need to be retured to owner, children's father was confirmed, school was not profitable, idoit can not be professor, goat head can not be hung for dog selling, love other girl is not allowed after marriage, mondy need to be paid when you buy anything.
中 秋节快到了,别忘了给孩子讲讲很久很久以前的事:那时候天是蓝的,水也是绿的,庄稼是长在地里的,猪肉是可以放心吃的,耗子还是怕猫的,法庭是讲理的,结婚是先谈恋爱的,理发店是只管理发的,药是可以治病的,医生是救死扶伤的,拍电影是不需要陪导演睡觉的,照相是要穿衣服的,欠钱是要还的,孩子的爸爸是明确的,学校是不图挣钱的,白痴是不能当教授的,卖狗肉是不能挂羊头的,结婚了是不能泡MM的,买东西是要付钱的,看完不转发出去是要被打屁股的。

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